Earth Hour 2014

WWF’s Earth Hour is the world’s largest grass-roots environmental movement towards action on climate change; and it involves a simple action: switching off the lights for one hour between 8.30pm-9.30 pm every year in March. This year, Earth Hour falls on Saturday March 29, 2014.
With Each passing year, Earth Hour is becoming more than just an hour, more than just an action: it is becoming a movement and a platform. Last year, we saw Earth Hour inspire concrete change in Russia, Uganda and Botswana’s environmental policies.

This year, for Earth Hour UAE, we ask you to amplify the hour and think about how you can make your life more sustainable after Earth Hour. One of the easiest and most impactful ways to start is to make the switch to energy efficient lighting, and taking charge of your own environmental imprint on our planet.

Get enlightened. Make the Switch.

 / ©: Oliver Kerr / EWS-WWF
We hear so much about how high our Ecological Footprint is, and sometimes we can even feel lost as to how to start reducing our own. 

This Earth Hour, you can take charge by making the switch to energy-efficient lighting.

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